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We are a reliable business partner in the whole field of human resources and personnel administrative work solutions.

Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare

Science and production in the area of human health have always been at the centre of interest to the whole society. We also pay special attention to this area. We understand it as a dynamic branch with a complex structure and very specific professional requirements. Finding the right people in the right branch, particularly in healthcare, is a job for a specialist.

Financial services

There has always been stiff competition in the world of finance, and familiarisation with requires a true expert. Someone who knows banking inside out, has an immediate picture of the situation and is highly knowledgeable about the financial markets. Just like our specialist who is able to fish out the right shark from the financial sea in a flash.

Information technology

When you ask what IT deals with, everyone will tell you that IT is about ones and zeros. We particularly specialise in ones. Our consultant is able to decode any problem and to find an employee who meets the requirements for the respective position in a wide personnel network.

Logistics and transport

It can’t always happen for everything to be in the right place at the right time so things often have to be moved. This is not the only reason why perfect knowledge of the logistic world is required. We are able to find your people, regardless whether they in transit or stay in some place. Just ask our consultant in logistics and transport.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. By contrast, knowledge of it helps. When you are looking for a top legal expert with perfect knowledge of law, you get the best help from someone who has perfect knowledge of top legal experts. Such as our consultant.

Industrial production

As a matter of course, we pay special attention to the one of the greatest world economic branches. The size of your enterprise or project does not matter; we know exactly where to go to find the professionals for this. Our consultants are happy to advise you at any time.

Natural resources and power engineering

This is currently one of the largest and most dynamic markets. We pay close attention to it and monitor every step in the personnel background of this branch. No matter how deep we have to dig to access them, we’re capable of finding true gems among professionals in this industry.

Consumer goods, media and other services

Due to its variety and breadth, this category may have more specific requirements. Take advantage of the services of our consultant who has flawless knowledge about the whole breadth of the branch and is able to find an ideal candidate like a magnet is able to find a needle in a haystack.

Public administration, education and non-for-profit organizations

There is no doubt how prominent persons and professionals can help the public sector. We know that from our own experience because we know how to find them.



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