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About CHC Partners

CHC Partners is continuing in the business tradition which dates back to 1997 when a group of specialists focused on direct search for middle and senior management positions. Soon after, other experts joined our team and we started occupying further market segments. CHC Partners, as known today, has been offering a wide portfolio of services (executive search, direct search, headhunting, market mapping, HR consulting, management consulting and others) and covers almost the entire market spectrum.

Why choose CHC Partners

  • We are able to fill even seemingly impossible-to-fill positions. We are completely flexible and provide tailored solutions for every market field.
  • We are not only headhunters. We offer a wide range of services and solutions.
  • In the area of personnel services the figures count. We have:
    • more than 17 years’ experience of a stable team of professionals
    • more than a hundred successfully completed orders
    • more than 500 occupied work positions
    • almost 100 regular clients.

Our specialisation

The needs of our clients are often very extensive and specific. We are able to provide a wide portfolio of services thanks to our specialised consultants who have profound knowledge and experience in their branch and are kept up-to-date about the latest developments.

Direct search for executives in top and middle management and experts/specialists.

  • Effective method how to address the best candidates
  • We use this method to search for suitable candidates for middle and top management positions and specialist positions
  • We have a time-proven and non-transferrable know-how
  • Due to our connection with an international network of personnel consultancy offices, we are able to search for a suitable candidate in most countries around the world
  • A precondition of a successful process is active communication of both parties
  • We can be relied on to fill the position – we always complete the project.


Coaching is one of the most efficient educational and managerial tools. It provides an individual approach and makes it possible to satisfy the current specific needs of an individual or organization. Coaching works as a superstructure above conventional approaches of educational programs as well as to solve complicated situations frequently faced by managers. It is intended for individuals with good prospects who feel the need for personal development and are ready to change their behaviour and attitude. The manager meets their coach individually for a shorter timeframe and their results are often more effective than the results achieved through other educational approaches.


Benchmarking is a method similar to direct addressing when the client wishes to compare an internal candidate with the market potential.

HR Consulting

We carry out professional analyses of the current personnel situation of our clients, including proposals for optimisation of corporate structures, distribution of competences, job descriptions, methods of human resource management, career planning and development of key employees; the methods we use are very discreet and do not affect your routine operations.

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